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Teach English to the World: Launch Your TEFL Career with a Learning Management System and Real-time Translation Tool

young woman at a laptopEnglish is the number 1 spoken language around the world!  And it’s by far the most-used language on the Internet making up almost 60% of online content. To meet the increasing demand for English speakers, Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) is an increasingly popular and rewarding career path for educators. If you’re looking to grow your skills, travel, and make yourself more marketable to global businesses, upgrade your resume with a TEFL certification and start teaching online for free!

The Power of TEFL

TEFL gives experienced and new teachers the tools to teach non-native English speakers. Unlike traditional language learning, which focuses on grammar and vocabulary, TEFL is more practical. TEFL teaches functional communication skills in English. It also includes teaching different cultural contexts, which play a crucial role in language comprehension.

Using Remote Teaching for TEFL

TEFL classes can be in-person and online, meaning you can teach students anywhere from anywhere. Instructors can interact with a culturally diverse group of students in real time, creating a multicultural learning experience. One of the unique perks of using TEFL for remote teaching is the ability to work virtually anywhere. If you have a passion for travel, TEFL is a practical career move.

The Right Learning Management System

a laptop with a globe of education technology symbolsA Learning Management System (LMS) is an integral part of teaching TEFL online. An effective LMS streamlines course delivery and fosters active student engagement. You want a system packed with tools that support virtual classrooms, create and manage interactive content, assess learner performance, and provide helpful analytics. Incorporating an LMS, such as Edusity, makes digital learning more interactive, engaging, and productive.

Advantages of Using Edusity for TEFL Teaching

Edusity is a versatile Learning Management System, tailor-made for the requirements of TEFL educators. It is a comprehensive platform that features a variety of tools designed to streamline the course creation, management, and delivery process. With Edusity, you can use videos and quizzes for engaging digital learning experiences. Edusity has a live webinar tool to simulate a live classroom environment, which helps to create a sense of community for teachers and students. Using a real-time translation tool, such as Languisity, breaks language barriers and brings the world together in a virtual learning space. With its user-friendly interface, Edusity is can transform the way you teach TEFL courses. It creates a more engaging, inclusive, and effective learning environment.

By taking advantage of these digital tools and TEFL methodologies, educators can foster an interactive, culturally diverse learning environment that transcends geographical barriers. Embrace TEFL, engage with digital tools like Edusity, and shape the future of English language education.

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Angela Britcher

Angela Britcher, M.A. is an adjunct professor, curriculum developer, and content writer.

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