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EdTech News: Technology and Minority Student Success, Hybrid Learning, and the Future of EdTech is Bright

Every day we’re getting inundated with debates over the impacts of AI and technology in education. There’s good news for institutions and students in this week’s EdTech news. When used with coaching, technology is leading to positive outcomes for minority students. Technology is contributing to the positive growth of hybrid learning. A huge investment in ed tech companies could help address gaps in education.

Hybrid Learning Grows

Positive news about the hybrid learning industry. According to an article from Forbes Business Council, it continues to grow. Hybrid learning, which combines online and in-person learning experiences, has become increasingly popular thanks to schools and organizations quickly pivoting to online learning.

The Forbes article argues there are significant benefits to hybrid learning. For example, learners can take courses at their own pace and on their own schedule, which can be especially helpful for nontraditional students juggling work and family responsibilities. Hybrid learning is ideal for workplace training with staff in different locations. It also gives colleges and universities the flexibility to serve students off-campus and worldwide.

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Reach Capital Invests in the Future of EdTech

You work with educational technology, AI, and collaborative LMS platforms daily. But did you know the organization behind so many of them? Reach Capital announced it raised $215 million to invest in tech startups focused on addressing gaps in education. With the new fund, its largest yet, it plans to back companies in the U.S. and abroad, especially in Latin America. The firm has backed over 120 companies since 2006, including Handshake, ClassDojo, Paper, and Replit. Reach Capital is also ranked as one of the most diverse investment firms in the county.

Technology and Minority Student Success

According to a Stanford Center for Opportunity Policy in Education report, technology can produce “significant gains” in student performance. But, like any tool, we need to implement it in a way that works, including interactive learning, exploration, creation, and the “right blend” of teachers and technology.

There are several ways online learning is helpful to student success. Digital learning increases access to equitable higher education and can catalyze improved course outcomes for historically marginalized students. Another way is through consistent academic coaching. When people, processes, and technology are aligned, it can improve student outcomes.

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Angela Britcher

Angela Britcher, M.A. is an adjunct professor, curriculum developer, and content writer.

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