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Breaking Language Barriers: Edusity Launches Languisity for Seamless Global Communication

Translate webinars and virtual meetings in real-time with Languisity.

Person on a laptop looking at a virtual meetingIn a significant stride towards breaking down language barriers, Edusity, a pioneer in innovative education, proudly presents Languisity – a groundbreaking, real-time simultaneous language translation tool designed to revolutionize the landscape of communication during webinars.

Unlock Global Potential

Edusity introduces Languisity as the answer to transcending language limitations and enhancing global communication. This state-of-the-art translation tool enables participants worldwide to select their preferred language during webinars, empowering presenters to connect with diverse audiences effortlessly.

Effortless Global Communication

At the heart of Languisity is the commitment to ensuring language barriers never hinder the potential of a global organization. The platform offers top-tier translation services, guaranteeing effective and accurate communication across diverse linguistic landscapes. With Languisity, organizations can effortlessly overcome language barriers, expanding their reach and unlocking new opportunities on a global scale.

Transform Webinars Globally

Languisity emerges as the ultimate solution to transform webinars into seamless, productive, and genuinely global experiences. As an integral part of Edusity’s elearning platform, Languisity provides instant translation, user-friendly collaboration features, and a dynamic environment to facilitate smooth communication.

“We are thrilled to introduce Languisity, a platform that goes beyond language learning to address the real-world challenges global organizations face. Our goal is to empower businesses to communicate seamlessly, break down barriers, and unlock new possibilities on a global scale,” expressed Arvind Betala, Co-Founder of Edusity.

Key Features of Languisity

  • Real-time Translation Services: Seamless, accurate, and tailored language translation for the diverse needs of global organizations.
  • Effortless Communication: Instant language translation to break through linguistic barriers, expanding the ability to communicate globally and unlocking new opportunities.
  • Dynamic Global Webinars: Languisity transforms global webinars into smooth, productive, and inclusive experiences with instant translation and user-friendly collaboration features.
  • Multi-lingual Communication: Languisity acts as a game-changer, eliminating language barriers for international teams or students and making global webinars efficient, effective, and genuinely global.

Languisity – Now Accessible to All

Available to anyone seeking enhanced communication and collaboration across languages, Languisity marks a significant leap towards a globally connected world. For more information about Languisity.

About Edusity

Edusity is a leading innovative educational technology solutions provider committed to transforming global communication and collaboration across linguistic boundaries. With a focus on cutting-edge methodologies and user-centric design, Edusity empowers businesses to thrive in a globally connected world.

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