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New Guidelines for Guest Posts & Sponsored Posts

Where’s the money?

Taking courses and learning new skills helps you make bank. Cudoo is here to see you make money.

If you want to write for our blog, Cudoo is there for that too. But our readers need to know whose getting paid and who is making the payments when they read your post.

Cudoo’s content team is happy to look at your article as a guest post or sponsored post. We could give you the full legal, but that’s boring, so let’s just call it transparency, accountability and reliability.

A guest post is by a writer or blogger who is looking to promote their work and grow their influence. The blog post expresses their personal interests, opinions and experiences. It’s editorial content.

A sponsored post promotes a product or service that the customer paid the writer to create according to their instructions. And, they also pay the company who owns the blog to post it. It’s advertising or marketing content.

Readers have a right to know the difference between editorial and advertising content. Cudoo respects those rights.

Submission Guidelines

Submit your work to us and we will read it, but here are the rules:

Sponsored posts must be identified as sponsored.

Posts must have an identified author with a 2 or 3 line bio.

The author must state whether their work is sponsored or not.

We will edit the post for house style & to integrate links to specific courses on our platform.

All about the Money

If we like your guest post, we’ll pay you to post it and share it.

If we like your sponsored post, you’ll pay us to post it and share it.

Let’s talk post topics and money before you write: Contact us at

The other rules

Cudoo and the rest of the Edusity family of companies enjoy human rights and we champion your very existence. Material that communicates racism, homophobia, sexism, Islamophobia, ableism, Anti-Semitism or any other kind of hate will not be considered for submission.

Other things we won’t consider?

  • Porn
  • Illegal substances (we’ll put work about controlled substances behind an age-gate as appropropriate)
  • Poorly-written gobshite (consider the Cudoo content team to be a rather tame grammar police force)
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Kate Baggott

Head of Content and Communications at Edusity
Kate Baggott is the Head of Content and Communications for the Edusity family of companies that includes,, and