Why You Want a Career in Artificial Intelligence

Why You Want a Career in Artificial Intelligence

April is artificial intelligence month here at Edusity. Below is the fourth of a series of weekly articles we are featuring this month from AI expert Brian Lenahan.

Right now, AI has the potential to help improve human life, our health, our environment and the planet we share. Today, we examine how a career in AI might improve your own life. Brian’s self-study course Artificial Intelligence for Business is now available on the Edusity platform.

The time is right! There is no better time to enter the world of artificial intelligence than now.  New entrants can help shape AI ethics, be part of developing responsible AI, apply artificial intelligence to the world’s most pressing and most significant problems like climate change, healthcare, disabilities and more. While most large organizations have embraced AI in some fashion, smaller entities are only beginning the journey. 

Are business dynamics really changing because of artificial intelligence? According to a study by IBM’s Institute of Business Value says “120 million workers will need to be retrained due to AI - but many CEOs tell IBM they don't have the resources needed to close the skills gap brought on by emerging technologies.” Your opportunity is clear and is now. 

Repeatable, predictable physical and virtual activity holds the most immediate promise for automation via AI, followed by the collection and processing of data, unpredictable activity, and then into the human elements like decision-making and managing people. AI is evolving every day.

The Future of Humanity Institute, located at Oxford University, conducted a study of hundreds of artificial intelligence and machine learning experts, asking them about their predictions for the future. On the whole, they suggest there is a reasonably high probability AI will exceed humans by 2063 at all work-related tasks. Further, they contend by 2140 all jobs will be automated by AI.  

So what does this mean for you? It simply demonstrates how aware, how knowledgeable you must become about AI’s implications and how you can optimize AI for your own environment, opportunities and career. 

Brian Lenahan is the author of Amazon published books "Artificial Intelligence: Foundations for Business Leaders and Consultants" and "Digital Coach: Coaching in the Era of Artificial Intelligence". He is the Author-in-Residence of the Toronto-based AIGeeks meetup community and is a graduate of MIT's AI Strategy program. His self-study course Artificial Intelligence for Business is now available on the Edusity Platform.

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