What My LinkedIn Community Taught Me about Video Conferencing Platforms

What My LinkedIn Community Taught Me about Video Conferencing Platforms

LinkedIn Surveys are a great way to get a snapshot of what is happening in the business world.

I’m very lucky that my network is multicultural, international, and varied in terms of industries and sectors represented. As a sales leader for Edusity, a virtual classroom and LMS, I am always curious to see what platforms people are using for virtual meetings, training, conferences, and webinars, so I asked my LinkedIn community! The results may or may not come as a surprise to you.

Of the 167 people who voted:

46% preferred Zoom 46%

Google Meet was the choice of 13%

Skype, the first to achieve market visibility, was only 5%

Microsoft Teams came in at 36%

The real story, though, came in the comments. There are so many more options available, including Cisco’s WebEx. And what’s more, the survey did not allow for multiple choices. While organizations may use primarily one platform, individuals may accept meeting requests from several different platforms in a day. There do not seem to be any usability issues in moving from one platform to another and, if there was a learning curve, it has been climbed.

It also appears that many of us are fine using the free versions of these platforms and accepting the time and frequency limitations those come with. A 40 minute WebEx session or a 45-minute Zoom call is enough for most people. And for those who need more? The subscriptions are cheap with commenters reporting that they pay as little as $10 each month. Premium functions like break-out rooms, screen sharing, and whiteboard interactivity were only briefly mentioned in the comments.

This is an interesting field. There are no brand loyalties being fiercely declared. If people use premium functions, they aren’t all that impressed and, if there are limitations to using the platforms for free, no one is complaining about them. Given the vast diversity of my LinkedIn contacts, this is an interesting overview. I wonder what video conferencing developers would say about it.


Puneet Rai is Edusity's sales lead in Canada. You can follow him on LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/in/puneet-rai-he-him-436a0a4a/ or book a demo to see the Edusity LMS with him here https://www.edusity.com/business

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