Wellness Wednesday Tips while Working from Home or the Office

Wellness Wednesday Tips while Working from Home or the Office

The pandemic has had many of us working from home. When working a job where you are sitting and working on a computer all day, whether at home or the office, it is easy to feel lazy and not get much physical activity on a daily basis. It is essential to take care of one’s health both mentally and physically.

Here are some tips to promote wellness while working.

“Let’s Walk & Talk” Activity or Challenge

Walking is one of the easiest ways to get active. Team meetings can sometimes be done while walking around. To promote this activity while working from home, employers can encourage employees to take the meeting call while walking around their home office, or house, or even outdoors if they have a mobile internet connection.

When the team returns back to work in the office, meetings can be taken outdoors where everyone participating goes for a walk around the building or block. This works best for meetings where there are no presentations or no need for a computer.

To make this into a challenge that works from home or in the office, there needs to be prizes to give employees the incentive to participate. The challenge could be set up in different ways: employees tracking their steps everyday and at the end of the day or week, they receive a small prize for the most steps or the furthest walked. If there are limitations that arise such as employees not being able to track their steps using a device, then they can keep track of the number of minutes they spent walking.


Promote meditation moments within the work day. As an employer you can host a meditation break over Zoom that any employee can join in or host it at the beginning of a meeting. When you are all back in the office, there can be a designated space and time for a meditation break or even outside in the summer if possible.

Another way to promote meditation would be to put together a few resources or find a few classes/workshops that you can suggest employees enroll in. As an employer you could also procure a discount on some classes or workshops that you think would benefit your employees.

Snack Hacks

Healthy snacking is good for one’s health and also allows employees to take breaks. While working from home, employers can incentivize employees to eat healthy snacks and have them share a picture via a company or team group chat. Then those who do send a photo in can be entered to win a coupon or gift card to a food place or somewhere the employer chooses.

Another way to promote this could be by sending small healthy snack boxes to your employees working from home. This way they have a few healthy snack choices to get them through a week or month.

In the office, there can be healthy snacks provided in the break room and encourage employees to take breaks and finish the snacks. Maybe there are different departments and each department has a healthy snack bar, then at the end of the week or month, the department that used up all or the most of their healthy snacks can win gift cards, or a free lunch, or some other small prize of the employer’s choosing.

There are many more tips out there but these are just a few to get started with. Together we can all work together and take care of each other’s wellbeing in small ways like this.

You can find many more tips out there but remember to stay safe and healthy!
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