Wellness Tips for College Students

Wellness Tips for College Students

Many students started college and university for the first time last month. There are also many returning to campus or continuing their studies virtually.

Through all of the studying, sometimes we need a reminder to take care of ourselves!

Here are a few wellness tips for all our college students out there:

Hydrate! Hydrate! Hydrate!

The most obvious, but also one of the most important tips is to remember to drink your water! Often we get so caught up in our busy schedules with classes and homework that we forget to drink enough water in a day. It is the most important beverage for our bodies to keep us going.

Take a Stress Break

When we feel stressed out with school and life, we tend to let it consume us and that can lead to breakdowns, illness, and less productivity. All of this then leads to more stress. So, when the stress is high, it is good to remember to take a break.  You can take a nap, go for a run or engage in any other physical activity, meditate, attend events on campus (if possible, under the current circumstances), or just hang out with friends.


This might sound unconventional but it can help. Students often discover that they might be having a hard time coping with stressful situations, or that they have anxiety or depression, or something traumatizing has happened in their life through their writing. Getting professional help is not always easy or affordable, so writing down thoughts and feelings in a journal can serve as an outlet. There are many types of self-care journals, gratitude journals, and goal setting journals with prompts and inspirational quotes available. These are set up as guides to help you focus on certain aspects of your life and evaluate the positives. They can also help you plan ahead and manage your time better. Some of them even have habit and mood trackers to help you track your daily habits and moods to see the positive ones and their outcomes versus the negative ones.

Reach Out for Help

If you ever feel overwhelmed, or think you might harm yourself, reach out to your local crisis line or distress centre immediately.

If you can’t find the number, or can’t get through, just go to your nearest emergency department. Be as honest and upfront about your thoughts as you can with the intake nurse and medical team. Thoughts of suicide or self harm can be addressed on a crisis basis and the hospital can set you up with a long term safety plan.

You and your life are extremely valuable and your first job as a student is to protect yourself and your journey of living and learning. Hard times can feel like they last a long time, but times do change, you will change and circumstances will change. 

Stay with us to watch stress itself change as the mysterious and interesting future unfolds.

LeonieLeonie Ramkaran is a content and communications assistant at Edusity. She graduated from the University of Toronto in June 2020 with a Bachelor of Science in psychology and biology with a minor in professional writing & communication.




You can find many more tips out there but remember to stay safe and healthy!
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