Learn how to promote a course online

Learn how to promote a course online

In today’s age, online classes are becoming more popular, especially in the wake of the recent pandemic.

Online classes may just become the new norm. Any independent online teacher needs to promote courses somehow. So here are a few ways you can market your courses online without spending too much money on advertising.

1. Social Media

Today social media is used everywhere for anything, so why not use it to advertise your online courses? You can use the live feature on Instagram, and Facebook to host a sort of mini webinar session. Or you can make it an info session that discusses the topic of your course in general than at the end you can promote the link to your course.

You can also post stories, pictures, or short ad videos on these social media platforms that your followers can engage with. In addition to that, you can request your friends and family to help you promote your course by sharing the posts you make.

2. Create Email Lists

On your website, create an email subscription feature where you send out emails to your subscribers. These emails can be tips, fun facts, advice, new facts daily, or anything informative and interesting that your subscribers can trust. Once your list grows, you can start promoting your courses to those subscribers.

3. Create a YouTube Promotion Video

Millions of people use YouTube every day to watch videos on all sorts of topics. It is an old but popular platform. Creating a video that advertises your course or a video that offers a snippet of what your course is about, could garner many viewers and potential students from YouTube. You can also share the link to this video on your social media platforms or via email lists.

4. Free Live Webinar

Host a free live webinar session where you talk about a few main topics in your course. Make it a session where the attendees can ask questions and get answers that establish you as an expert. But be careful not to give away too much information that is in the course you want them to purchase. You can use the free webinar to discuss things students might want to see you offer in your courses, or different types of content they want to see, and how you can make their online experience better. You can then use this to tell them, “Well hey, you should check out my course that covers all the information you need to know.”

5. Create a Series of Courses

You might want to consider choosing a course topic that allows you to create multiple courses under that one topic. In this way, once students take one course they can continue taking the other courses to learn more about the topic. Or they might need to take a certain course before they can take the next one. This gives free promotion to the other courses in the series. At the end of each course, there could be a link to the next or previous course.

6. Create Bundles and Discounts

This works well in the series courses. If a student is really interested in one particular course, making a bundle out of the whole series and offering them a discount of some sort might make them purchase all the courses. This creates revenue from all your courses and helps with cross-promotion.

Now that you have a few strategies up your sleeve, it is time to start marketing your courses! Just remember that it will take some time before you see the results you want to see. It starts slow but once it picks up you will be satisfied with your marketing efforts.

You can find many more tips out there but remember to stay safe and healthy!
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