Instructor Spotlight: Nagui Bihelek the Coach for Coaches

Instructor Spotlight: Nagui Bihelek the Coach for Coaches

The coaching industry is as vast and diverse as the needs of people who need coaching. Master Coach Nagui Bihelek knows exactly how to differentiate what he does in his coaching practice from all the others:

“I help struggling startup coaches by guiding their coaching practices the right way so they can have a reliable, predictable, businesses and lifestyles,” he says.

Potential coaching clients want to know exactly how a coach will help them. They also want to see their future success reflected in who their coaches are and how they behave. These two issues are exactly where new coaches run up against their first barriers.

“The first problem with new coaches is they are not clear on who they are and what they offer,” Nagui explains. “That translates to prospective clients as someone who is unsure of themselves and how they can help others. The second problems is they don’t understand that there are processes for taking a prospective client on a journey to convince them that they need to sign up with you as a their coach in order to get what they want.”

Nagui’s own journey has brought him to a series of accomplishments. He is the behavioral intelligence specialist who founded AccuMatch Behavior Intelligence, a unique neural-mapping system that exposes our unconscious programs. The system helps leaders understand why some team members excel while others just seem to challenge their leaders at every turn. He knows that being intelligent about the behaviors of others, as well as our own, is the key to better leadership, better performance and better coaching!

Nagui’s course, Build Your Coaching Practice the Right Way, helps to guide new coaches on their own journeys to sustainable practices with enough fee-paying clients to truly thrive. In an industry that typically sees new coaches struggle for their first three to five years in business, Nagui’s instruction acts as an accelerator.

“Every day that coaches don’t achieve their financial goals costs them money and motivation,” he says. “Let’s change that! I’ve been there. I've seen the frustrations that coaches go through when they are just starting out including the knock backs and the challenges they face getting clients. I want my students to know I have their backs. I leave no one behind.”


Click here to enroll in the course now and start your own step-by-steps journey toward building an identity for your coaching practice that will increase confidence in your abilities and show you how to onboard clients without spending a fortune on leads.

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