Instructor Spotlight: Matthew Richardson, Conservationist & Endangered Species Expert

Instructor Spotlight: Matthew Richardson, Conservationist & Endangered Species Expert

Matthew Richardson is an Internationally-recognized conservationist, author, expert on endangered species and new Edusity Instructor! He’s ready to share his tips for protecting lions, tigers, fish and frogs from extinction.

On Thursday, July 1st, Richardson’s course Endangered Animals of the World for Beginners for kids in grades 3 to 6 (ages 9 to 12) will start to run live on the Edusity platform. The class will meet in the virtual classroom for an hour every morning starting at 9AM for 22 mornings.

The online course recognizes the role kids play in protecting our ecosystems.

“I think that young people have always been keen to preserve the planet and its wildlife, both for now and the future,” says Richardson. “Of course, the accomplishments of Greta Thunberg and other young activists in recent years has shown that young people everywhere can make a very powerful difference.”

The course is designed to provide kids with a whole picture of ecosystems and species diversity. Rather than focusing only on polar bears or rhinoceroses, the course takes students on a journey to every part of the world and shows them the other creatures, such as frogs and freshwater fish that are every bit as important and deserving of protection. Richardson’s course is truly unique. Most courses of this kind are only for adults and focus on the same few species, like giant pandas, and ignore the incredible range and diversity of life around the world.  

Richardson will teach in real time. While self-study courses that rely on recorded videos have their place, young people need the real time interaction and discussion with their peers and their instructors to support and challenge themselves and each other as a learning community.

Richardson is best known as the author of Threatened and Recently Extinct Vertebrates of the World published by Cambridge University Press. He brings decades of teaching and presentation experience to his course at Edusity.

Click here to enroll your 9 to 12 year old in Endangered Animals of the World for Beginners.

You can find many more tips out there but remember to stay safe and healthy!
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