How to Manage the Risks and Have Fun on Social Media: Curating Your Social Media Presence for Teens

How to Manage the Risks and Have Fun on Social Media: Curating Your Social Media Presence for Teens

Everything we publish on social media will live on the Internet forever. That is why it is so important for young people to start and maintain and positive path forward.

As a STEM instructor, middle and secondary school teacher, and parent, Naomi Epstein has been guiding young people as they curate their social media profiles and build a positive online identity since the advent of social media. Her one-hour self-study course on Edusity is called Curating Your Social Media Presence.

"I'm thrilled to be able to share my social media class,” Naomi says. “It's been a long and uncertain school year, and kids have spent a lot of time online, so I hope this Edusity class will help them feel more comfortable and confident." 

The class is designed for young people between the ages of 12 and 14. It covers the history and development of social media, the pitfalls it can be so easy to fall into, safety and privacy issues. Some of the information will come as a surprise to even the most tech-savvy of teens. For example, did you know that sharing a picture of yourself on vacation can reveal your precise location on the globe? Perhaps more importantly, that information can also inform potential thieves that your family is not at home to protect your property and belongings!

That doesn’t mean social media is something to be feared, but it does mean digital spaces require respect and care. Whether that means learning how to mask your location and identity, learning how to protect yourself and your friends from cyber-bullying or playing online games under an alias, there are safe ways to use social media that you will change and develop as your needs and career aspirations change.

Throughout the course, Naomi draws on her experiences as a classroom teacher, an early-adopter of every technology developed during her lifetime, and as a parent, to inspire teens to use social media for all its benefits without experiencing any of its potential dangers.

If you’re a teen looking for a way to start a conversation about social media use with your parents, or if you’re a parent looking for ways to start that conversation with your teens, this course is the place to start!

For a limited time, Edusity has decided to make Naomi’s course available for free. To register, visit the course page and enter the coupon code SOAR2021 to enroll.

You can find many more tips out there but remember to stay safe and healthy!
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