Financial Literacy for Teens: You’re Never Too Young to Learn the Money Game

Financial Literacy for Teens: You’re Never Too Young to Learn the Money Game

Cheryl Pinto has achieved financial freedom and really doesn’t have to work.

She is the author of the book Money: Master the Mind Game and it is the basis of a course coming to Edusity soon. Right now, Edusity is pleased to offer Cheryl’s course Financial Literacy for Teens, a one-hour primer to help young learners grasp the habits of money management.

“There are two ways to look at your life’s experiences,” Cheryl said in a recent online interview. “You can either say, ‘my parents were poor, so I will always by poor’ or you can say ‘my parents were poor, therefore I will never be poor.’ The difference between those two mindsets alone makes the biggest difference.”

Having reached financial independence Pinto, whose own beloved parents were poorly-paid immigrants in Dubai, has been retired since the age of 33.  She knows how to make money, save money and invest money.

“The first thing I tell people is, don’t worry about how to make more money, save more money or how you will invest money,” Pinto said. “First work on your money mindset and the rest will come later.”

That change is exactly why Cheryl and Edusity are working together to offer learners this opportunity.

Cheryl’s course focuses on playing with money like points in a game. Students learn the various ways of earning money, how much to save, spend and give. In addition, key terms like assets and liabilities are introduced.

Why does a person like Cheryl, who has achieved financial freedom, keep working?

Cheryl continues to write, consult, teach and motivate others out of a sense of service. Money, while useful, is not a universal protection.

“I was financially free and decided to just relax,” Cheryl said. “I was having the time of my life.”

And then, one day in July 2018, she woke up and was seeing double. Her eyes were crossed and one of her eyes wouldn’t move at all. The doctor she called told to go to the hospital immediately. After six days, she was sent home with steroid medication that caused her heart rate to drop and kidneys begin to fail.

Returning to the hospital emergency room, Cheryl had reached the point where she felt like giving in to her condition.

“Why fight so hard if God doesn’t want me to live?” She asked her mother. Cheryl felt she would have no regrets if she died right there.

A voice from deep inside her said, “you will regret not having touched and changed the lives of as many people as you could have.”

The voice from inside changed Cheryl’s outlook.

“I started to look around me and I realized that if over 90% of the world’s population is struggling with money, in a world that is abundant with resources, then surely something is not working in our system,” she said.

Like her book and private coaching, the course, Financial Literacy for Teens, is one more way Pinto has of reaching others and changing their lives.

If you’d like to take the course for free for a limited time, visit the course page link below and enter the coupon code SOAR2021 before clicking the enroll now button.

You can find many more tips out there but remember to stay safe and healthy!
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