Edusity’s New Hobby & General Interest Courses

Edusity’s New Hobby & General Interest Courses

Everyone needs a hobby. Everyone’s brain always needs new experiences. The challenge to meeting these needs? Motivation.

Following our day-to-day routines is easy. And, when our routines are disrupted, it is easy to just stream movies. Unfortunately, taking it easy doesn’t tune up our survival skills or give us the tools and flexibility to deal with change. Pursuing new hobbies and exploring interests opens pathways into different parts of our brains and gives us new perspectives. It also protects creativity!

Here are Edusity’s brand new creativity-promoting hobby and general interest courses:

Making and Selling Handmade Jewelry introduces learners to the tools and materials used to make jewelry at home. The course instructor has created a great introductory video to sample before you decide if this hobby experience is for you. Why not check it out now by clicking here?

Has your family adopted a pet during lockdown for the first time? Millions of people have brought an animal companion into their homes and discovered that these creatures are more difficult to care for than we ever knew. Edusity partner Alpha Courses is pleased to offer hour-long courses in cat care and dog care.

Keeping your family entertained is everyone’s responsibility. Why not become the relative who knows how to perform all the card tricks? Click here to watch the course introduction to find out if these sleight of hand illusions are for you.

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You can find many more tips out there but remember to stay safe and healthy!
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