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Engage Learners with Interactive Activities in Your Online Training

Traditional online training formats can often feel like staring at a wall of text. This passive learning experience leads to disengaged participants and lower knowledge retention. Learning and development professionals know they need to engage and delight their learners. We have four practical ideas to infuse your training with fun and engagement to help learners retain the information and enjoy their experience.

Artwork by Malvika Shah

Gamification: Level Up Your Learning!


Simulations and Scenarios: Put Theory into Practice



Branching Scenarios: Personalized Learning Journeys



Interactive Quizzes and Polls: Make Assessments Engaging



Edusity offers a range of interactive activities that can transform your online training into an engaging and dynamic experience. By incorporating these interactive activities into your Edusity courses, you can transform your online training from static to dynamic, fostering learner engagement, boosting knowledge retention, and, ultimately, driving better learning outcomes.

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Angela Britcher

Angela Britcher, M.A. is an adjunct professor, curriculum developer, and content writer.
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